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2 min readMar 5, 2022


MetaMine establish a global decentralized and inclusive international market by providing a platform for businesses and all crypto users.

Individuals and companies that are interested in selling their products in crypto and metaverse. Also investors who are looking for activities in Metaverse and NFT.

A MetaMine partnership is an agreement between you and MetaMine to work together in order to advance mutual interests.

MetaMine development team seeks to attract cooperation and partnership with individuals and companies active in the field of advertising and marketing

Our activity is not limited to a specific geography and language, and we are looking for digital and social media marketing partners

Spanish / German / Russian / Arabic / Turkish / Persian / English / Chinese / Hindi, …

These people must have professional backgrounds in cryptocurrencies and social media









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Terms of marketers

  • Having general information in cryptocurrencies
  • Having marketing experience
  • Having the resources and facilities for marketing in the target market

Terms of product providers

  • Ability to globalize and offer international products
  • No ban on trade and product compliance with international laws
  • Having sufficient resources and ready-to-supply products

If you are ready to cooperate with us, please fill out the form below

Our services:

Personal referral links, allocation of part of the land and NFT to partners and more financial benefits

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MetaMine is a new type of metaverse game, owned and operated by its players. Earn MTM tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game!