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MetaMine: A metaverse-collection & Play to Earn Game operated in blockchain technologies

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We make it possible for different people to meet their financial and business needs in many ways without intermediaries. The purpose of this project is to provide a convenient place to enter the virtual world through the blockchain, which users can easily operate in the world of digital assets and NFTs. With MetaMine, you can benefit from its advanced services and facilities in a completely real way in the virtual world in a very simple way. MetaMine tries to work with the latest technologies in the form of a platform for accepting all kinds of businesses and services and has a very close relationship with its user. The development team thinks about the presence and activity of different tastes to connect different types of customers. An example of this is:

· Cryptocurrency users

· Customers and creators of NFTs

· Players interested in online games to earn

· And other

If you are not one of these people, you can easily buy the project share in this process and use its benefits.

MetaMine is a complete suite of Metaverse games and the decentralized NFT market. The main adventure starts from where you can use our initial resources with tokens by entering our network. We place NFTs in a creative marketplace in the form of exploratory products for audiences and customers. Customers can use all their capabilities and creativity in this environment and display it to attract more revenue.

What is metaverse and NFT?

The metaverse is an online, three-dimensional universe that combines multiple virtual spaces. It can be compared to a future version of the internet. With metaverse, users will be able to collaborate, meet, play games, and socialise in these 3D spaces.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens.


Science and technology are growing to serve people and improve their quality of life.

However, today, due to the complexity of technology itself, people have difficulty in using it properly

And when faced with it, they are unable to understand the aspects and thus to have a life

It is easier for them not to use science and technology properly

On the other hand, due to the great diversity of different sciences, people do not have enough time to study and know all the sciences and use them. All members of society, sufficient financial and social conditions to make optimal use of technology do not have

For example, some people due to lack of proper living conditions, even medical facilities and They also do not have proper hygiene.

Thus, the vacancy of an economic solution is felt in blockchain space, in which various useful and efficient technologies and services are gathered and become a unique platform for public us.

For the first step, MetaMine is creating its own specialized token

Then tries to provide a metaverse environment for people to use their knowledge and expertise

For example, artists and inventors can have exhibitions for their works with the lowest cost, as well as production and promotion of their products.

Even if you do not have a relationship with investors and buyers, all is the best opportunity for you to show your skills.

Even if you do not interact with investors and buyers, all of this is the best opportunity for you to show your skills. MetaMine Store:

Talent is the most important wealth of humanity

However, there must be conditions for people and enthusiasts to discover it within themselves and enjoy it

Having a suitable environment for accepting all kinds of tastes can be a great change in this field

Nowadays, in the traditional environment, many users face many problems to use the services

In this situation, the market for determining prices and goods is often available to a small number of people only they can set the prices and make a lot of profit

Therefore, the public will not be able to use it

In addition, in the current situation third parties determine the price

Moreover, brokers will be much more profitable in this situation

Upon each person, entering the MetaMine platform, the ownership path of each product and its production and processing are transparently recorded in the blockchain

At each stage, all relevant data in the form of NFT is exposed to the world. This information is immutable and can effectively prevent system fraud.

NFTs are a crossroads between ownership and the blockchain Which has attracted a lot of attention.

MetaMine road map

First season (Q1)

Website Launch

Whitepaper 1.0 Release

Gather Developers and Designers in Community

Create blogs and educational content

Development commences Launch on the Binance test net blockchain

Season 2 (Q2)

Launch Token on the Binance Smart chain


Launch ICO

Launch NFT Market

Collaborate with a business project

Listing in a decentralized exchange

Farming capability

Listing on price-tracking websites

Season 3 (Q3)

New website design featuring

Collaborate with a business project

Hold in at least 5,000 wallets

Listing in a centralized exchange

Season 4 (Q4)

Release MetaMine game

Token burning

Launch the game and combine with the NFT market and store

season 5 (First quarter next year)

Token burning

Game content updates

Launch MetaMine Stable Coin

Launch MetaMine decentralized exchange

MetaMine Token (MTM)

MTM is the native token of MetaMine Metaverse. Use it to exchange items and other assets with other players, or on market place.

Token Distribution

The total circulation of MTM Token is 720 million, which will not increase.


In addition to being the native in-game currency, MTM token will also be used for participation in decentralized voting. Voting with your MTM will be incentivized, and many proposals will include aspects like development, operations, and optimization of the game itself.

Gamified Rewards

Through the use of gamification techniques, stakeholders will be rewarded through the enjoyment of the Metaverse platform, creating a self-sustaining system for community expansion.

Token Burning process

Token burning is not an isolated event in the MetaMine metaverse. To keep a healthy balance between demand and supply, MTM tokens are burned on a quarterly basis.

We approach this powerful mechanism in a systemic manner. The amount of tokens burn equals the amount of tokens deposited on MetaMine account balances.

MetaMine Tokenomics

MetaMine Tokenomics




MetaMine is a new type of metaverse game, owned and operated by its players. Earn MTM tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game!